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Shorten TTM in U.S market
One-Stop Service for Carrier Engagement  
Lower Cost
24/7 testing resource in Worldwide
Prompt Report and Bug Control
Experience and relationship with Carriers in Asia and U.S  
Live Network Interoperability Testing  
  To verify the compatibility of device in live network and software stability. ATG offer below services :
1. Provide detailed test plan base on customer’s requirement and GSMA TS11 field trial guideline.
2. Provide confidential documents, including detailed test processes
    and procedure to ensure complying customer’s requirement.  
  3. Provide 24/7 resource to perform the testing.
4. Daily prompt report and bug control system.
5. Completed Final report .
6. Debugging & Regression testing.
AT&T 16411 Field Trial /16075 AGPS Field Trial
  To comply AT&T 10776 and must carried out in different infrastructure cities.
ATG provides software maturity validation testing upon AT&T :
1. Provide testing in different cities in U.S with local resource.
2. Provide specific SIM cards used in at&t 16075 AGPS FT.
3. Daily prompt report and bug list.
4. Completed Final report
5. Debugging & Regression testing.
PTCRB/NV IOT/at&t 10776 Testing Handling  
  ATG also offers handling & consulting services for PTCRB/NV IOT/at&t 10776 testing.
ATG co-operates with several PTCRB accredited labs and is well experienced with each network infrastructure vendor :
1. Provide PTCRB certification process consulting and testing handling.
2. NV IOT labs contact and assists in performing lab testing .
3. Technical analysis and support for any protocol issues in PTCRB/NV IOT.
4. at&t 10776 lab testing assistance and technical consulting.
5. On site support and training.
Testing Optimization Service
  with abundant experience and strong knowledge in wireless network,
ATG can provide all necessary assistance when customer would like to launch product
in different network environments :
1. Provide full carrier conformance plan.
2. Connection with Device Evaluation Team.
3. Certification process and status control.
4. Carrier Engagement consulting service.
5. One-stop service for 3rd party labs (NV IOT, Safety, PTCRB, Field trial…etc).
6. On site support and training.