Who we are?

Advanced Test Group Co.,Ltd. was initially setup in San Diego, in California, 2010 and founded by a group of testing geeks in Telecom. Industry.

Organization :
  Main Command Center
San Diego, CA
Branch *Testing Squad
Shanghai, China
Hong Kong

*Testing Squad-everyone came from different parts of world, Asia, Europe and America. Members all have ample working
experiences from RF & signaling, Wireless protocol, Field testing to System Integration Testing. Meanwhile,
ATG has various connections with brand-named Handheld manufacturers and major 3rd party labs in U.S that can provide
up-to-date information and niche consulting service

Where we stand?
High Market Demand—
  In Telecommunications, The characteristic of Network plays a very important role from product specification,
business strategy to certification criteria, and also Telecommunication business sprouts rapidly that each year has all kinds
of million handheld devices into the market. ATG can expedite TTM schedule and minimize testing & certification cost by providing niche
consulting service within distinctive testing services
Fast and Secure—
  In order to efficiently launch handhelds to the market, ATG provide special testing consulting service to match,
even exceed specific network requirements. Then, ATG can customize different certification process, based on different
product spec. within customer’s budget. Also ATG always follows agreement and contracts signed by customers and keep all
confidential information in confidential
One-Stop (VIS: Vertical Integration Service)—
  From project kick-off with business engagement until field issue analysis, ATG use VIS to provide optimized testing
service on certification and compliance, and also associate with customized process/plan to provide testing service for signaling,
Protocol/Field Testing and system integration testing